The Daily – Motel Madness

Monday 3/18 Amherst, MA – Kerhonkson, NY

The morning began with goodbyes as brief as California stop signs, as all should be. Slugger proceeded to get his oil changed as we did the same at planet fitness, our home away from home, our weefee away from the wilderness, our showers away from the shit.

We planned to sleep in the Catskills and we were greeted by a sweet empty campsite, covered in snow, dipped in moonlight, and cradled by the surrounding creek.

We called it date night, our first night without company since the dreaded Rhode Island escapades. With couscous and meatballs in our belly, we nestled into our sleeping bags, ready for battle, with three layers of fleece armor. It was around 20 degrees F, dropping as the night grew tired. After realizing the inflatable sleeping pad (necessary for insulation when winter camping) had a leak, we strategized for nearly half an hour– was this a battle we could win?

In retrospect, are decision to surrender was wise, it dropped down to 9 degrees that night. We wimpered away, waving a white bandana from sluggers window.

So we arrived at Chelsea’s motel in Kerhonkson. Though Chelsea was sweet as a sweet potato on the phone, we were met by her stale bread husband upon arrival near midnight. The motel room proved to be as stale as dave and date night crumbled like old bread. That said, we slept. We hadn’t really slept since our departure, and this proved necessary.


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