The Daily – Aslan

Sunday 3/17 Boston, MA- Amherst, MA

Our departure from Boston was uneager. Our destination was Fitchburg, MA, which is more dismal than it sounds. We went to see an old friend who was dearly owed a visit, as are most. Upon our arrival, we jointly ackownledged the somber state of Fitchburg and decided to ditch for Amherst, where lovers and friends and arcade games awaited.

We spent the evening with an old friend and a new friend, eating hash brown and sausages, discussing ideal birth experiences, dungeons and dragons, adoption, and blowjobjesus. We spent the night on a mattress topper, kept company by a small lion named oliver. If you’re in your early twenties, this was the idyllic old friend visit we all come to know; idyllic because it is genuine.


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