The Daily – Greenie Meanie

Friday, May 10 Thursday 5/9 Phoenix, AZ - Joshua Tree National Park, CA Dawn brought no fiery rebirth for Phoenix, but the week had cleared the hump, and we had sixish hours of driving to do, so we accepted free kale juice when offered. Between Arizona and California there is one essential stopping point - … Continue reading The Daily – Greenie Meanie

The Daily – Till Next Time

Friday 5/3 Alamogordo NM - City of Rocks, NM We said our goodbyes (see you laters) to pudgealamo with a last breakfast in White Sands. Our pancakes were more bitter than sweet. As we drove out of town, past PF, past the library, past Chris, past the last homely Albertson’s east of the Misty Mountains … Continue reading The Daily – Till Next Time