The Daily – Heaven Sent Hell Bent

Tuesday 3/19 Kerhonkson – New York, NY 3/20-3/22

The morning was rushed. Stale Dave was watching us and we knew because he came over when we left the door open during our frantic re-pack of the car. We managed to wash some underwear in the motel sink (a Hopper painting scene if ever there was one), shower, and eat, within the hour before check-out. We walked back towards the office to give Dave his keys but, after a few steps in his direction, watchful Dave hollered to leave it in the room.

We drove to New York City out of obligation to more friends, not yet old, but aging well. We took backroads and let the RoadTripper app, the son, take the wheel. Driven by abandon, we were met with abandon. Beckoned by an anonymous concrete structure, we found ourselves wandering through the woods, with an incessant mechanical whale moaning in the air. Only mildly shaken, we drove on, only to find ourselves quaking. An abandoned haunted house surrounded by renfair village exclusively for creatures of the 6+ legged variety. Needless to say, this trip remains haunted.

We parked in Brooklyn and biked to friend. An overeager girl, we was working a second job from 6-12, after her 9-5. We arrived at BrooklynBoulders with a hug and smile, and left with a key and smile. At the bougey Brooklyn apartment, we found the home-made curry left for us and watched Jenna Louise Coleman die.

A sleepy Sliza arrived after her shift and we all attempted to talk despite exhaustion ravaging our minds. Words shared were thoughtful, but the thought on my mind was sleep, so we slept.


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