Quarantine Review – Man, Alive by King Krule

For many, particularly those introduced to his work through 2013’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, the first enthralling thing about Archie Marshall was his cascading, reverb-drenched, virtuoso guitar playing. For me, who met Marshall on 2017’s still-not-quite-fathomable The Ooz, it was his voice. Marshall’s vocals are a fat slab of meat -- pre-tobacco Tom Waits … Continue reading Quarantine Review – Man, Alive by King Krule

The Daily – Saint Hood

Monday 5/27 - Tuesday 5/28 St. George, UT We were sore, our bellies were feeling funky in a less than groovy way, and our heads went boom boom bap inaudibly. St George became our freaky strip mall respite. Here we slept in a bed, ate many many waffles, and watched Seinfeld and Beyonce. It was … Continue reading The Daily – Saint Hood