The Daily – Blood

Sunday 4/7 Chattahoochee Natl Forest, GA – Talladega Natl Forest, AL

If you’re lucky, easy days are followed by easy mornings. For most people, this occurs on Sundays when they’re too broke to drink on Saturday. Somehow, it was a Sunday in Chattachoochee National Forest. Lukas cooked eggs and potatoes for our creekside brunch whilst I shat in the woods with my recent acquaintance, Silvia the Spider. Silvia and I agreed it was 7/10.

On our way into the Forest, we had passed something that caught my eye, so I demanded we return to Granddaddy’s distillery museum on Pappy Rd. What once produced moonshine, fudge, and photo ops now only produced the creeps. Freaky mannequins hid around every corner and Grandaddy was nowhere in sight. We stole photo ops with haste and booked it out of there, wondering if the man in the outhouse was plastic or flesh.

Just around the bend, our trailhead awaited. Blood mountain rose in the distance. If you’ve spent time with me, you’ve probably noticed I have a mouth and in my mouth is a tongue and that tongue is usually wiggly waggling while my mouth clicky clacks. However, my mouth moves less when there are mountains to hike. More than once I’ve prattled on about this phenomenon, mixed metaphors about spirituality and trees crosshatching something natural and ultimately easy to understand. Lukas is, complimentary, the opposite. As such, Lukas educated me. Within a mere 5 miles, I became relatively confident about  Risa’s nature and characteristics. Risa is my new Dunkin’ Donuts character.

We descended the sanguine mountain top with haste, we needed more blood. If you’re looking for blood, Fat Matt is the man to see. Nestled on the edge of Atlanta, Fat Matt’s BBQ served up some blue grass with a side of ribs and collard greens. Lukas is from Texas and has opinions on this matter. I’ll let him put on his boots n spur and give you the spread on the Atlanta BBQ experience.

Till this Point, we’ve successfully spent a single night in every state we’ve passed through, so we fled GA and rolled into AL. Talladega national welcomed us with checkered flags and trees that these fools can’t name (so much for education).


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