The Daily – Till Next Time

Friday 5/3 Alamogordo NM – City of Rocks, NM

We said our goodbyes (see you laters) to pudgealamo with a last breakfast in White Sands. Our pancakes were more bitter than sweet. As we drove out of town, past PF, past the library, past Chris, past the last homely Albertson’s east of the Misty Mountains we shared our lingering memories. I will not write them here. They were for us. They were for Slugger. They were for the fattest alamo we’ve yet known. Let that be enough.

To tell it true I cannot remember the rest of Friday the third of five. Our minds hide pain behind the doors of forgetting, and there time helps them heal.

So, let’s hit that skip track button. The sun falls and we find ourselves in City of Rocks State Park. It is a wondrous place, but this is not a day for wonder, so we sleep, and if tears fell, there is nowhere around to hear them.


2 thoughts on “The Daily – Till Next Time

  1. Really nice writing! I think this is lukas, because of the last homely albertson, but it is not so
    easy to tell. With the water up in barton creek I am nostalgic for the days when I could withdraw
    you from school at will — its harder to get matt to skip out of work.


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