The Daily – Vrooms not Dooms

Thursday 5/16

Carmel-by-the-Sea to Lake Isabella , CA

We write of the days in the car as though they are lost. There are no pictures and no event, no places and no people. These days are not lost to me though, they are simply lost to words, and time. I don’t remember which day we listened to what, be it NPR or a new album or an old one. I don’t remember which day we argued about what type of arguing was productive, or the gas was $3.13/gallon. But I do remember those things. I remember the words in the songs, the way I felt when we talked.

Anyway, Thursday the 16th we just drove. We stopped at a planet fitness to shower and move, I think we stopped at a library to download an album, maybe we even stopped at a thrift store to kill the time. All those things definitely happened. I don’t know if it was Thursday the 16th. Luckily, you don’t care and neither do I.

We slept by a lake. We at fish and chips for dinner. It rained.


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