The Daily – Caramel?

Saturday 5/11-  Wednesday 5/15

Carmel-by-the-sea, CA

En route to Carmel, Slugger truly showed us the meaning of haste. 5/12 is the anniversary of a certain maternal units birthing, and as 5/11 was the date of her return to Carmel-by-the-sea CA, a surprise airport visit was in order. This meant some speed through Southern California, and Slugger performed wonderfully, fueled by the finale of Dissect Season 2. Slug’s reward was to chill several lovely days in the shade of La Chozita Carmel-by-the-sea.

Carmel is intentionally quaint, its houses have no numbers, the bakery sells delicious enormous chocolate drizzled cinnamon rolls shaped like pretzels, the beach is leash free, the woofs are happy, the trees are huge, the young people have fled, and it smells like eucalyptus.

From Carmel we were given a car tour of this part of the world. The highway down the coast is apparently heavily featured in car adds, and the water is so many shades of blue actually begging to be painted.

At Point Lobos there is an island, entirely made of bird shit, which belongs to the birdbois. Humans are tolerated within photograph range, but any closer, and StevenKingian fantasy are unleashed.

At Big Sur the maps are confused, thirty minute hikes becomes multi hour affairs, and the views are completely stunning. There are also redwoods. I am told they are smaller than their sequoia cousins to the northwest, but as a person with no redwood experience, these struck deep in the part of me that understands religious fervor.

A little south of this is Elephant Seal State Park where I was first introduced to my spirit animal. The Elephant Seal leaves majesty and eloquence to the pretentious. They cuddle, they bark, and when angered they roar flatulence. Together they are a beautiful, blubbery mass that offends the nose and warms the soul.


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