The Daily – Saint Hood

Monday 5/27 - Tuesday 5/28 St. George, UT We were sore, our bellies were feeling funky in a less than groovy way, and our heads went boom boom bap inaudibly. St George became our freaky strip mall respite. Here we slept in a bed, ate many many waffles, and watched Seinfeld and Beyonce. It was … Continue reading The Daily – Saint Hood

The Daily – The Hills are Alive

Friday 5/24 - Sunday  5/26 Zion National Park Slizzard slizzard says king lizard Fee Fi Fo Fun says Zion wE SHaLl aSsiMilaTE say the locusts Time to partyyyyy says the holiday weekend By the time we reached the Zion visitor center the swarm had settled in. Every lot in the park was full, the line … Continue reading The Daily – The Hills are Alive