The Daily – The Fat Alamo

Alamogordo, NM

Wednesday 5/1 – Friday 5/3

Sometimes, you fall in love because you’ve been lonely for so long. So is the tale of Alamogordo. We hadn’t had a home in so long and that long grew into a longing and we stayed. The Fat Alamo sustained our adoration with love potions and raging pheromones. These grounded us there for three long, passionate nights.

Love Potion #3

Home on a hillside

Lovers love solitude too

No wind wind blows through me

But you

Love Potion # 4

Overalls and button downs

All these hip kid rags

Pray your lover’s shorts get shorter

Ten thrift stores on one drag

Love Potion # 7

Eccentrics missing ears

But never mouths

Old age filled with sagas

Wrinkled roots in the ground

Love Potion # 8

White sands make the sky blue

Sand tastes better around you

The lizards think so too

Though their eyes are white, their bellies remain blue

Love Potion #11

Overpriced sandwich

In  a cozy shop

Greasy donut

Make my belly pop


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