The Daily – We Got the Bends

Saturday 4/27 Big Bend National Park to Marathon, TX The lesser of Big Bends campsites, we decided we’d abandon our Rio Grande Village campsite in search of butter things. Our usually relaxed morning was hastened by a righteous ranger telling us our tents location would be irrigated soon. How soon? Well...the water should’ve been here … Continue reading The Daily – We Got the Bends

The Daily – Shelob’s Maples

Thursday 4/25 Lost Maples to Amistad National Recreation Area, Del Rio, TX While my image of Texas is dry, sandy cowboy eyes, I admit there is more to it. Anything that large has to have at least two things going on. I find that Texas has four things goin on-- swampy swemps in the east, … Continue reading The Daily – Shelob’s Maples

The Daily – Imagine Sliding Through a Tuba, Covered in Butter

Thursday 4/11 - Friday 4/12 New Orleans, Louisiana The barrage of insects didn’t stop on that dreaded eve. However, our wake up call was significantly less insidious. Slug bugs slip slided all over the slippery sleek walls of our tent and we woke to their squishsquelchsquanch song. A second chance for the French Quarter. Equipped … Continue reading The Daily – Imagine Sliding Through a Tuba, Covered in Butter